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Drywall is one of the most widely used building materials there is. It is easy to use and install and cuts down on construction time by a considerable amount. However, when you demand the best in advice and service, you need to be sure you speak to Modern Instinct Construction, who is a locally owned and operated company and comes with decades of drywall repair expertise.

Many people attempt to install drywall on their own, but there are several good reasons to hire a professional contractor. First, drywall installation is a time-consuming and physically demanding process. It requires lifting heavy sheets of drywall, measuring and cutting the material to size, and then screwing or nailing it into place. Second, drywall is a delicate material that can be easily damaged. Contractors have the experience and expertise to handle drywall carefully and avoid mishaps. Finally, drywall installation requires a certain level of precision in order to achieve a smooth, professional finish. Hiring a contractor ensures that your drywall will be installed correctly and looks great.

Residential & Commercial

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Commercial internal building layouts or the plans on new building structures can be revolutionary. For years, our professional drywall repair teams have provided commercial enterprises with results surpassing expansion requirements and their expectations.

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We can quickly enhance your home's interior, whether it's a bathroom makeover or a modern living room. We've got drywall contractors to meet your requirements and install drywall or repair any damage and finish this off with handyman services that can carry out any pro-level painting. The very best cleaning services to complete the project.

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Drywall Patchwork

It is always a recommendation to replace a full sheet of drywall rather than repair drywall. However, a home or business may have handyman services that cut through the drywall for plumbing or electrical services. In most cases, you find these pros don't do great cleaning, removal of waste, or any painting. These handyman services often leave you with no choice but to contact the professionals to fix your wall at an additional cost. We can carry out these patches in your wall to ensure your home or company service is back in great condition at an affordable cost. Quickly contact us for the best drywall repair service for your wall.

Steps of Drywall Installation

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  • Measure and Cut Drywall: The most important step, where we take precise measurements to ensure each panel lines up perfectly with the next so there are no visible gaps.

  • Hang and Secure Drywall: Drywall is set into place and tightly secured to the framing studs.

  • Trim Work: We cut all openings for windows, doors, and electrical components.

  • Mudding and Taping: The final step of the installation. This is where we fill in every seam and screw hole with drywall mud, then sand down to ensure an even flat surface along the entire wall, and finally tape over the mud for a secure hold.

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